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Linksprite Forum Etiquette


Linksprite Forum Etiquette


Welcome to the Linksprite forums where we encourage the civil exchange of knowledge and ideas. This should help create a community that is willing to help and teach individuals who are in need or just have questions. Please be aware that this will be a global community and to respect the views of others. Emotional intent does not all come through as intended. What you find humorous may seem offensive to someone else.


There will be no tolerance for spamming, trolling, or otherwise abusive behavior of these forums or its people and will be grounds for banishment.


Ranting will be frowned upon and may be removed.


Please show respect to other vendors products. No bashing.


Please use proper methods for posting code and pictures. There are tags for such things.


Please do not cross-post the same question across multiple forums. These will be deleted.


This is a forum for discussion of Linksprite products. Not other vendors products.


Please post in the appropriate forum area. Don’t be alarmed if a moderator or administrator moves it for you.


Please stay on topic. If you have a question that does not relate to the current discussion then please start another topic.


The opposite can also be said. Please do not start another discussion when there is already a current one about the same subject.


Flaming of members or staff will not be tolerated.


Please try to make the subject or question as clear as possible. It allow other to better help or keep on topic.


Please make an effort to use proper basic language and grammer. It is respectful and will likely gain responses faster. Refrain from “netspeak”.


When asking questions please provide as much information as possible. Such as board revision, image version, error messages, terminal output, logs, what you have tried already, any documentation you are following, etc.


When responding to an existing topic it is always a good idea to read the original post.



These are some basic guidelines which I will be editing and expanding as time goes on.