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Overclocking pc-duino 8 ?

pcDuino8 Uno 15 Dec 2017
Hi!   I've purchased pcduino being tricked that it can run @ 2GHz, only after some research I found out that there is limit of 1.8GHz.    Now the question is - can it be overclocked to native speed?   I've managed to compile kernel from source, I managed to get linux headers f...
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LinkNode R8 - Android App v1.3 hangs after scanning QR code

General Discussion 05 Dec 2017
I have tried Android App ver 1.0 and 1.3, both just display a black screen and become unresponsive after scanning the QR code while trying to add the R8 to my account. I am using a Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0. I also tried to add the board via the website linksprite.io, but I need to know the fact...
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General Discussions 02 Dec 2017
Hi all, I have a PCDuino 8 STB and it wont boot. It just flashes the Android TV BOX logo. I went to flash the new rom but I read I need a special USB A to USB A OTG cable. Can anyone give me the schematic for it as I have two male cables that I can use to create one.   Thanks in advance,
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VF?Gratuit Wanita Terindah (2017) gratuits Streaming Complet

pcDuino3S 25 Nov 2017
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nano4 dead on arrival

General Discussion 08 Nov 2017
Today I received my pcduino4 nano. I followed the instructions imaged an sd card with pcduino4-nano-debian-20160903.img created the image with    sudo dd bs=1m if=./Desktop/pcduino4-nano-debian-20160903.img of=/dev/disk2s1   ​I put it in, connect the power and all I get i...
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