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Old dog new tricks

General Discussion 23 Jun 2017
Hello, I have decided I would like to build an transmitter with all the bells and whistles for my aircraft carrier project. After talking to many people and reading forums and ideas regarding this, I have the belief it can be done. I have bought a Pcduino with the LVDS touch screen. First hurdle...
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DIY engraving machine does not work

Bug Report 18 Jun 2017
Hi, I bought a "Three-axis Engraving Machine" as a kit and I mounted it.   I uploaded grbl 1.0. The machine did not work at all. Regarding other comments, it seems not to be the right soft.   I then uploaded grbl 0.9 i. Now the card communicates with the machine : it sends commands, but...
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my adventures with the linksprite CNC

CNC 15 Jun 2017
I figured I'd share, as we all have the same machine, I'll be keeping my progress into PCB fab tracked here http://connected-me....-infostatsmods/   linked back here at the bottom of the post, and as I make non linksprite specific advances in the toolchain and the like I'll link them in that...
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LinkNodeRelay App crashes on iOS

Bug Report 09 Jun 2017
The LinkNodeRelay App crashes on iOS devices. I am running iOS 9.3.3 on iPhone 5S and the app craches as soon as I select a node (Linknode R4 node) in the app. I have 2 LinkNode R4 in my account. The app works in Android.  
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LinkSprite's Canbus + PCduino8 ?

General Discussion 26 May 2017
Hi everyone,   I recently bought a PCduino8 for a project which needs CANbus, so I bought a CANbus shield too.   I am able to make the CANbus shield work on a regular Arduino UNO, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the PCduino as it is linux based.   I've tried the SPI example on...
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