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Airplay remote control over uart

CuHead Pro With Airplay/DLNA Shield 13 Feb 2018
Hello!   I have purchased the CuHead Pro Wifi/Ethernet Shield with DNLA/AirPlay and attached it to my Arduino Uno. I have the tcp/uart serial console up and working as per the instructions you have posted. I am wondering if it is possible to send UART commands to the shield to change tracks,...
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Zigbee Gateway Hat for Raspberry Pi 3

General Discussion 27 Jan 2018
Should this recognize other Zigbee-enabled sensors?  Like those using Zigbee HA 1.2?   I'm not having success adding the sensor to the Hat on a RPi 3, but I had some success with the Hat on a Rpi 1, which I didn't expect.   Sensor info:  http://www.irisbylowes.com  ...
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Failed to reduce the module power consumption by using SI...

General Discussion 11 Jan 2018
I bought a SIM808(www.kynix.com/Detail/1327673/SIM808.html) module to use it with a PIC microcontroller. Everything works great but now I'm trying to reduce the module power consumption. The module I have is this one from DFRobot. When the module is in power down mode it draws about 60mA! The dat...
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General Discussion 11 Jan 2018
Hi I recently started messing with some of the other linksprite boards and seem to all been fine. I got a new pcduino4 nano that arrived directly from the importer in the USA. I hook up the nano sbc and I noticed some darker areas on the board next to the hdmi pins on the board. It also looks as...
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BLE Sensor Tag/iBeacon Station NRF51822 power consumption

General Discussion 30 Dec 2017
Hi all,   I've recently bought some of these BLE sensors: http://linksprite.co...tation_NRF51822   They work as expected but the battery is drained in days. I measured the power consumption and the average power is around 1mA, which eats the battery in less than a week.   After che...
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