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Lubrication/Grease for LeadScrew/Rails

CNC Yesterday, 10:12 PM
I recently purchased the LinkSprite CNC machine, and I was just wondering what grease/oil I should use on both the linear rails and the leadscrews.   Thanks!
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Android 4.4 & Unbuntu 14.0

pcDuino8 Uno 19 Apr 2017
Is Android 4.4 and unbuntu 14.0 the only distro's I can use on the pcArduino ?   Triad
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making my touchscreen work with pcduino

General Discussion 14 Apr 2017
Pcduino newbie here who went out the other day to jaycar and purchased a pcduino as it sounded fun and interesting but am struggling to get it to do what I would like currently, I was given the impression the touchscreen was pretty much plug and play but now after many days of googling youtubing...
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Linknode R4 Wireless AP not detected.

General Discussion 12 Apr 2017
I recently bought 2 linknode R4's from Amazon. However after powering up either Linknodes I cannot detect their wireless AP's. I bought a AdaFruit usb ttl cable to try and reload a test program from the Wiki page and the orignal program from git, however nothing seems to work and i'm not sure if...
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Ubuntu headless server distrib

pcDuino8 Uno 09 Apr 2017
Hi all,   I am new on pcDuino8 but i did some tricks on RPi and I have been impressed by pcDuino8 Uno specification, so I bought one to have a look on it.   When dealing with single board computers I use to install headless server distrib but I haven't been able to find one for pcDuino8...
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