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Linknode R4 issues

General Discussion 21 May 2017
I was able to start my Linknode R4, access the AP network and set the access code for my wifi network. But the relays are not changing accord to the app.   Whenever I plug it in 1 relay flashes on and then off.   I can change the relay setting using the App or the website. It is correct...
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Changing configurations

Cottonwood UHF RFID Reader 15 May 2017
Hi,   I'm able to change Antenna Power (LED D4 on) and Frequency (checking with inventory 0x43 command).   - How is it possible that with antenna power off I can still read? - How can I still reading tag also when I set a frequency not compatible with my antenna?  Eg, I set the fre...
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pcDuino mini lcd screen (NEED HELP)

General Discussion 15 May 2017
hi,   im trying to make a small project. i need to display a short video using my pcduino3 nano. can someone please tell me if this is compatible? 240x320 LCD Touch Screen for Arduino (https://www.jaycar.c...-arduino/p/XC4630) and if not this there a way for me to make it?...
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LS-Y201-2MP version 2 pin connection

General Discussion 10 May 2017
i have some problem with connection of this camera to arduino uno.. can u give me datasheet of this camera..i already tried the camera but not working
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How to use kernel source gpio-sunxi module?

pcDuino8 Uno 01 May 2017
I known pcduino8_ubuntu_14.04_20160102.img uses gpio module which is load by /etc/init/pcduino.conf: ### enable usb power     modprobe gpio     echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/pin/gpio38   The kernel source doesn't have opt SUN4I_GPIO_UGLY (module gp...
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