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Replying to PcDuino8 Uno doesn't work at all.

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Posted 24 October 2016 - 02:23 AM

Ok, I finally got video working. I ended up having to do a different display (the output is apparently hard-coded for 720p at 50hz??,) different microsd cable, and found that I couldn't have the display or keyboard hooked up during first boot -- the board would hang indefinitely. But now I'm able to at least view the desktop on a TV.


Going to try to dig through some things to figure out how to fix the display resolution hopefully.


Posted 23 October 2016 - 02:03 PM

On a whim I tried one of these HDMI->VGA adapters I had laying around and connected it to the monitor's VGA input and the screen finally worked.

So you might want to try that.


Posted 23 October 2016 - 02:01 AM

I'd thought that might be it, so I tried the charger from my S5 (rated for 2A) and a beefy microUSB cable, but it didn't make a difference :/ Just have the one monitor and TV to try with, so it could be a compatibility issue I guess, will maybe try to hook up to a friend's house sometime if I feel that motivated...

Posted 23 October 2016 - 01:57 AM

these boards are powered insufficiently and most of the time its because of the power supply being used.  I ran it using a 5v 2.1a constantly for months and it had video out.  make sure your tv/monitor is setup for 720 as this board wont go 1080 very well that is another issue with them.  this board is complete shit and i am surprised mine has worked so well.  also as a side note after continued use i fried a micro usb cable supplying power from the wall charger. 


Posted 22 October 2016 - 06:45 PM

Same issue here.

Downloaded the latest Ubuntu Image from http://www.linksprit...r-pcduino8-uno/

wrote to SD card

put SD card into PcDuino8 Uno, connected keyboard and HDMI monitor

supplied power and waited 20 minutes


Monitor stayed black the whole time.

SSH seems to work.


Frustrating to say the least.


Posted 19 October 2016 - 09:10 PM

Yeah, I agree there...part of me wants to try to sell my PCDuino's on eBay, but I don't want someone to buy them thinking they'll be a cool toy only to be stuck with the dud that they are. I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure out if I can do a custom-build of Debian or something along those lines to try to get them usable, but nobody seems to support the H8 yet.


I'm very curious though -- it seems like some folks on the forum here have gotten them to work somewhat -- but how??

Posted 19 October 2016 - 05:57 AM

Me neither, I've been very successful with all other boards except anything linksprite and of course the orange pi's. Nothing works on any linksprite board I've used except for a linknode d1 with the esp8266 on board. It works ok but have problems with it. I own 6 different linksprite products and wish I could return them


Posted 18 October 2016 - 03:01 AM

I've had good luck with my Beaglebone Black Rev. C and ODroid U3 too. (And of course about 5 different kinds of Arduino boards.) And of course then there's RPI with its uber-awesome community as well.

Posted 17 October 2016 - 10:49 PM

I don't know about these boards. I have a Linknode D1 with esp8266 that seems to work ok. i have the PcDuino 8 that doesnt work at all and Linksprite relay shield and a  GPRS/GSM Linksprite board that dont work worth a shit either. I think i'll be swticking with arduino boards from now on. You can't get any help and what there is is slim to none.


Posted 17 October 2016 - 12:18 PM

On one of my boards, the micro usb jack was busted inside, so the micro usb cable wasn't making a connection unless I held the cable in the exact right place :/ On that board I was able to power it via the OTG port though. Which means that I can't use the regular USB port though, because they're too close together... >.<


But yeah, none of the boards I've tried have any form of video out, and a number of other issues I'm trying to sort out. I can SSH into them though...

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