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  1. Drake411

    Android boot only shows red box

    Not for me. Reburned it with the start up box ticked. I only get a pcDuino boot screen. Not booting. // Needed Reformatting. guess I had an error the first time. Went on to test the android image by downloading Kodi and running some videos. Haven't yet . Seem to have broken android. Will re flash it sometime but I it is not a very sharp. It said it was in "full hdmi" but actually the picture quality is medium to poor. If I had nothing else I guess I would give it a pass but it doesn't look great on a 23" screen. Doesn't fill the screen. I have a tablet that big in the kitchen and it is WAY better.
  2. Thanks for posting. Some how the images you posted don't show up. I guess I'll give the android image a try.
  3. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    I found a discussion about cubieboard on a google chat Q&A: Still need to try that booting without the script.bin file even present. In a similar vein I found this link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/beagleboard/77IuIt1OCss It is about uImage not being read on /boot. They say that an uImage file is used but not the one in the /boot folder. So mounting the boot partition as Stephan describes in his other post on converting to FEX , can be done while the board is running to edit the "real" uImage file. Anyway it is still an open question as to how you get it to read the conveniently editable uImage file. I would like to play around with the stuff they talk about in the above link. I had to use my extra screen for other things and haven't had a chance to settle down to burn and test SD images. To try reading FEX with the older images. (My script.fex was empty) Also the compilation of device tree vs compilation of an image is still a big learning curve for me. Linaro, Yocto, Sunxi sites all have instructions and they are mostly for other boards. Instructions for FEX http://linux-sunxi.org/Retrieving_device_information#Reading_memory_information_from_registers Instructions for DTS device tree http://linux-sunxi.org/Device_Tree
  4. Drake411

    Android boot only shows red box

    I guess this is a stupid question. Is it rooted?
  5. Drake411

    pcDuino8 Uno compile Linux & Android

    Linksprite has offered up this sort of information for the pcDunio3: http://learn.linksprite.com/pcduino/how-to-get-toolchain-for-pcduino/ http://learn.linksprite.com/pcduino/a20-based-pcduino33s3c3nano/bsp-development-for-pcduino3-i-port-u-boot-2014-04/ So I don't understand why getting an answer to this question is so slow. It has been asked more than once in other posts. Why is there some difference about this processor?
  6. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    tKaiser thanks for looking at it. Would a device tree type build affect the output? I was having trouble with getting the script bin file to convert. Skills could be I don't know how to run a c program. Though bin2fex seemed to run. Said "malformed" file. I open config.fex, maybe it is not exist attched ok, mgr0<-->device1, type=4, mode=4---- ready to set mode [ 1.146]finally, output_type=0x4, output_mode=0x4, screen_id=0x0, disp_para=0x404 fail to find part named env Using default environment 'cat /proc/cmdline' yeilds: console=ttyS0, 115200 console=tty1 root=/dev/mmcblk0p3 init=/init I tried the script-extractor tool to look at sys_config.fex. Not sure whats going on with that. I compiled it and got a a.out executable which I ran but could not find the output. Sorry I'm pretty new at this.
  7. Have you made any progress on this? The idea of cross compiling to the pcDuino seems pretty interesting. I found this link: https://github.com/allwinner-zh/linux-3.4-sunxi/tree/master/arch/arm/mach-sunxi/include/mach/sun8i I think your asking for sun8i for the H8 referencing a chart on this page: http://linux-sunxi.org/Allwinner_SoC_Family Have you got a link for a step by step or a package to use?
  8. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    Me too. MACscr. Makes me mad. Seems like the board should be able to do it. The fact that the GUI takes you to places that are grayed out is particularly irksome. On one hand we are locked out of something we bought, and locked into helping in develop it. On the other hand it is still a big opportunity to learn something undeniably useful that few people know. That is how to compile onto a totally new platform like what they do at the yocto project or sunxi project. However they do advertise that engineers would answer your questions. Stephan, I noticed somewhere in the process that the tools were using the sun4i thingy-ma-bob instead of the sun8i. So I think that is why it isn't converting. Not necessarily "malformed" as it says. I have to help my son with a school project so I'm putting this aside for a bit. If there was a place to =sun8i that is what I would try. Otherwise I wish I could copy and paste into that sys file something more appropriate just to see what would happen. Edit so I have been looking for clues. I went to the sources index pages and downloaded the config files and unpacked the config file and had a read. Board config.sh file uses whiptail to reduce the size of the screen posted in /etc/screen.conf then it writes something to /usr/bin/setwindow I could only look at the script.bin with a hex editor and could not convert it. Did wonder about the possibility of this build using a device tree configuration which is a whole other ball of wax. Maybe could invoke whiptale or edit the /etc/screen.conf. Looked all over the net and only get more confused.
  9. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    I tried the Fex file conversion thing without any success at all. The mount command was kind of freaky I think it made a hall of mirrors effect in the file system. So far there is only one choice. Navigate to the menu and choose the one option. I didn't change the sys file because I haven't found an alternate bit of code to put in there. I was more interested in that script.bin and learning how to make my own from scratch but no one has this listed as a target board. That makes it a big job for people who really know what they are doing called disassembly. It is possible for a company that makes a board like this to include the stuff that goes into the script.bin file as a text file next to it. That is not going to happen. So at this point you just have to trust that the resolution provided is the best possible resolution.
  10. I pretty sure the discussion is relevant. The OS is running 780p and the discussion said in Vesa mode which I think means that it is only using the basic functions of the GPU. The broadcom chip has all sorts of built in electronics that decode video. This chip is using the PowerVR chip which isn't completely deployed yet. We are all a little disappointed that 8 cores and a gpu aren't running 1080p out of the box but oh well. It is really being sold as an alternative to an arduino board which can barely support a calculator screen. So having a monitor to connect to is a plus over AVRdude. At this point I would agree that the new Raspberry Pi with only 4 cores is way better from a beginner plug and play standpoint. The newness of it is a challenge though and an interesting place to be. There are some over priced units on eBay but the auction prices are pretty cheap at this point. If I had paid the A80 price for the H80 I would be pretty steamed. I did have an Arm based PC in mind though so it is a bit rougher going than I expected. I did get another one instead of an ATmega though. It has that one beat by a long shot.
  11. PowerVR SG544 is the GPU and A80 is way better than H8. While all this stuff you guys are discussing is both above my head and disappointing, I did find this page. https://community.imgtec.com/developers/powervr/installers/ Like someone above already mentioned they expect the public to develop it though it looks like there might be something to work with. I'm not qualified to say. Edit: According to the post by Stephan this wiki article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allwinner_Technology charts H8 in the same category as the A83T the main difference documented there is that it has different video characteristics.
  12. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    I was watching the pcDuino8 Uno boot and it seems to me that it is booting in 1080p. The text is very clear on my HDMI monitor compared to the fuzzy LXDE desktop.
  13. Drake411

    my Ubuntu 20160102 config on Uno8

    Synaptic package manager is : sudo apt-get install synaptic I don't know how it was configured but when I checked it had been updated and contained the nameserver for my Comcast account. Hooray for linux. I didn't need to change anything.
  14. Drake411

    How do we get 1080p in Ubuntu?

    Short answer is I don't know. I think it has to do with the following file: /sys/class/disp/disp/attr/sys *********** screen 0: hdmi output mode(5) fps:60.6 1280x 720 err: 0 skip: 0 BUF enable ch[1] lyr[0] z[0] prem[N] a[globl 255] fmt[ 0] fb[1280, 720;1280, 720;1280, 720] crop[ 0, 0,1280, 720] frame[ 13, 7,1254, 705] addr[43100000, 0, 0] flags[0x 0] trd[0,0] acquire: 0, 25.5 fps release: 0, 25.5 fps display: 0, 25.5 fps ************End of file***** There is a link image for arches (was pcDunio8) that describes the different screen modes and gives instructions to change it for that model. The UNO is different but my guess is that screen mode 6 to 10 is the one you want if there is anything in common with the other build. However if you change that in the above file it will probably screw up what ever that buffer string is doing. That will need the new resolution 1920 x 1080. I expect they played around with it already and had trouble with it because 25.5 is a bit slow for frames per second. Adding resolution might require and even slower frame rate. Then again I'm just guessing. If I knew what I was doing I'd play around with it myself and get back to you. Kind of interested in finding out the details to the same question.
  15. Drake411

    package server down?

    Youkee, that is a good image. I like how the tutorial pictures were included. If on the next SD image they include a pcDuino8 uno picture of a favorite example as a desktop image it might help make the projects more exciting. So when one first turns it on they can see on the desktop what they might be doing with their new project board. The customer will be reminded of what the board was intended to do everytime it boots. Big kids like me won't get distracted. Thank your colleagues for improving the images so much in the past month. This has been an opportunity for me to improve my linux skills too and I appreciate all the work done on that too.