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  1. Hey guys, I have two equal IR Receivers (http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Infrared_Receiver_Module) that I want to use with my Raspberry 3+ and LinkerKit Baseboard. But using lirc, the IR Receiver seems to not receive any signal from any of my remotes (tested 6 different ones) if 3.3V is set or it keeps receiving pulse codes without pushing any button if Baseboard jumper is set to 5V . On stackoverflow I read that there might be some issue due to not correctly being grounded but I also use Linker Cables to connect IR Receiver and LinkerKit Baseboard, so grounding should be fine. What I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you very much for your fast reply. I have just one little question, request concerning the labels on the shield. At this photo taken from your wiki http://linksprite.com/wiki/images/4/48/RPI_BASE_SHIELD_V3.1-9.JPG I am able to recognize the labels in the bottom row (from left to right: "D8", "D7", "D6", "D5", "D4", "ADC2", "ADC4"), but unfortunately the angle doesn't permit to read the labels from the connectors in the 2 upper rows. Could you also provide a picture taken from exactly the top or any clear port identification like this: First row from left to right: (I cannot recognize on picture) Second row from left to right: (I cannot recognize on picture) Third row from left to right: "D8", "D7", "D6", "D5", "D4", "ADC2", "ADC4" The reason why I need this is that my shield unfortunately lacks exactly these labels. Then I'd be able to combine your provided schematic with the labels to identify the ports correctly (from the schematic I can infer: Raspberry GPIO 12 + 13 is at Linker Shield Port D3, but since my shield has no labels for the ports and I cannot fully recognize them from your picture, I fear to use the wrong connection port) Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey guys, I try to use your Linker Kit IR Receiver with my Raspberry Pi Linker Baseboard (that with MCP3008, not the one from your wiki). Unfortunately, the PIN description on the board confuses me. While the one from the wiki has completely traceable descriptions (http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=File:P24-1.jpg), mine has for example no D18! And some are double on the baseboard! The analogue channels, UART,I2C are correctly noted on the shield. But how to map the Digital GPIO to the raspberry ones??? Here are the Digital GPIO Pin descriptions from my shield (for each of D1-D12) from top row to down row: (D2,D3), (D4,D5), (D5,D6), (12,13), (13,14), (14,15), (D15,D16), (19,20), (20,21), (21,22), (25,26), (D26,D27) I want to use the IR Receiver at Raspberry GPIO 18 via the Linkerkit baseboard... Where is D18? Sincerely yours
  4. Specifically, I need something like this https://s3.amazonaws.com/linksprite/LinkerKit/RPi_ADC_V2.0.pdffor Linker kit Base Shield for Raspberry Pi B+/2B with ADC Interface V3.1Where can I find it? Best regards
  5. Hey Folks, I have the Linker Kit Base Shield with the MCP3008 for the Raspi B+. Unfortunately, your wiki only contains the smaller one with the MCP3004. The latter has the correct PIN numbers written on the board, mine has seemingly wrong (or confusing) Pin numbers. I need the specification like this from your wiki. Specification There are 8 4-pin 2.54mm spacing housing on the base shield: JP1: A0, A1, VCC, GND. JP2: A2, A3, VCC, GND. JP3: SCL, SDA, VCC, GND. JP4: RXD, TXD, VCC, GND. JP5: P17, P18, VCC, GND. JP6: P27, P22, VCC, GND. JP7: P23, P24, VCC, GND. JP8: P24, P4, VCC, GND. These connectors cover Analog, I2C, and GPIO. Specifically, I want to connect your IR Receiver to the Raspberry via the Base Shield. But which Digital Port must I use? Which one is Raspi's native GPIO18?