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  1. So you obviously stopped production of pcDuino 3B. I asked you in March 2017 (see 4 posts below) and you did not really answer, you wrote it was available via ebay and Amazon. And now nothing available any more. Nowhere DO YOU THINK IT IS FAIR STOPPING A PRODUCT WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION? There are people who invested lots of time and money to develop projects with your products and you just quit manufacturing without any notice. Linksprite is a great disappointment for me and the way you behave will make people stop using products from small an innovative manufacturers.
  2. Thank you. Bought all 32. Nothing left. Hope they work. From the last ones I ordered several stop after same hours of running. Have to reboot all the time. Any idea?
  3. itsme

    pcDuino 3B EOL ?

    Did you stop production of pcDuino 3B? It is no more available from any distributor.
  4. Nearly none of the linksprite's products are available anymore. No response in forum. I guess Linksprite is not existing anymore. Can anybody confirm or disprove?
  5. itsme

    Linksprite out of business

    You could offer a source for delivery to Germany and confirm that you intend to continue production of pcDuino3B
  6. itsme

    pcDuino 3B EOL ?

    This item does not ship to Bxxx, Germany. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. So your source is useless for me. We developped a system using PCduino 3B and now it is not available any more in Europe.