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Found 8 results

  1. jemartel

    PcDuino4 Nano

    Hi All, I recently purchased this PcDuino4 Nano and am using the only available image "debian - Jessie". I am trying to utilize its Raspberry Pi 40 pin header to access the gpio pins and possibly utilize a Raspberry Pi motor/servo hat to drive/control a wifi robot. The issue is I have not found any support for this PcDuino4 Nano and setup for accessing its gpio pins. I also can not find how to enable the gpio module using the "sudo modprobe gpio" command as "lsmod" does not list gpio as being present/loaded. Anyone else gotten this board and have made any progress with its use?
  2. Hi, i use pcduino3 nano on android. i have a problem with gpio pins on android. I can do hight any gpio pin for output mode but i cann’t recive input data on any gpio Paths: sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/mode/ANY=0 sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/pin/ANY=always 0 when i plugin 5v installed android version: pcduino3_nano_android_wifi_rt5370_20150610 i was try on ubuntu Works true, Please help me
  3. Fedora 23 boots and runs fine, but I'm having a problem with GPIOs. From the command line, I can export a GPIO: echo 2 >/sys/class/gpio/export But if I try to set it to output: echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio2/direction the pcduino immediately hard locks requiring a reset. I've tried this with the 4.3.3 kernel and the 4.4.0 kernel. Nothing is actually connected to the GPIO or other pins on the pcduino.
  4. occamsquattro

    Am I burning out my gpio pins?

    I am a first-timer, learning how to work gpio outputs. I'm attempting to run a 12v LED using a solid state relay (VO14642AT, datasheet here: http://www.vishay.com/docs/81646/vo14642a.pdf. I had gpio8 (J8-1 in this diagram: http://learn.linksprite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/pcDuino3-Nano_header-Model.jpg) connected to anode through a 1kOhm resistor (981Ohm measured) and a 1n4001 diode (for good measure), and GND (J8-7) connected to cathode. This was working for a while, but gpio8 seems to have just stopped working. Measuring voltage, it seems to just float between 1 and 150mV, no matter what I set in software (I'm just using command line to write a 0 or 1 to /sys/devices/virtual/misc/pin/gpio8). So I assumed I shorted it while being careless. I moved on to using gpio9, and was again getting good results for a while. But now gpio9 is misbehaving as well. But rather than floating, I read about 0.29mV on low, and 0.735mV on high. Help! At this point I'm afraid to try anything else!
  5. LS-Support-12

    How to test serial ports?

    I am trying to understand how serial communication works on pcDuino. I am following this tutorial. As I understood it, pcDuino has two accessible serial ports by default. These are 0(rx) and 1(tx). We can access them via /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1, respectively. This code is written in the tutorial: import serial myPort = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyS1', 115200, timeout = 10) myPort.write("Hello, world!") x = myPort.read() print "You entered " + x myPort.close() So, the python script above should read the input from serial port 1 and then output it to the screen. Now, my question is how can I test it? What input I can give to these ports? Can I use other pcDuino and send some signal to these ports via gpio port from other pcDuino? Is that safe or these two ports are intended to be used somehow else?
  6. Most of the programs I found on Internet use following path in program. But following path is missing in my Image file. path : /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/pin/ is not present. path: /sys/devices/virtual/gpio is present I am running Android 4.2 NAND Image for HDMI output, (use LiveSuite or PhoneixCard version 309) 04-10-2015How to access GPIO pins from android java program?How to enable/add GPIO pins? Help to solve this issue.
  7. MattGeerts

    GPIO input to screen touch

    I am trying to figure out how to translate a GPIO to a touch in Android, preferably using Python, but I'm happy to call a binary that does the click part since I've already finished the input part. First thing: GPIO input seems to be broken in the Android images available here. Set the gpio/mode/gpio0 to 0 (input) or 8 (input w/pullup) and read gpio/pin/gpio0 with 3v at input and you get a '0' indicating low value. To fix this, I switched to using the ADC. if you read /proc/adc0 you get "adc0:0" for a low and "adc0:4095" for a high. (there's some wiggle room in the value, so check if <100 for low, > 100 for high) The next part is to fire the screen touch event... I just want to do a press and release somewhere on the screen when I see the ADC go from LOW to HIGH (again, all of this code is in place, I just need the click). So... How do I send a "touch screen at (100,100); delay 50ms; release touch"??? This has something to do with feeding 3-integer codes to /dev/input/event0? I can do this in Ubuntu using pymouse.
  8. Hi! I've got a PcDUINO v1 model, like this one: I struggle to connect jumpers to the GPIO pins of this model firmly. The newer models of the pcDuino use GPIO pin where you can directly insert jumpers into the pins apparently. Do I have to buy a shield to connect more firmly to the GPIO pins? Could you give me the type of the shield that I need to buy? I've found this one for example : http://www.conrad.fr/ce/fr/product/095473/Adaptateur-pcDuino-Arduino;jsessionid=A55CDC53918734A4F7830CC19FB97752.ASTPCEN27