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Found 11 results

  1. LS-Support-12

    Is it booted from SD or NAND?

    I have seen this link. However, after cloning NAND to SD and restarting, my result of 'df -h' is different from both photos in the tutorial (my output is here). I think that my pcDuino booted from SD. I have two reasons. First one is that /dev/mmcblk0p1 is listed on the output of 'df -h'. Other reason is that when I run board-config.sh, I have no option to clone my system to SD card anymore. However, I would like to hear your opinion, is it booted from SD or NAND? Also, why the output I have is different from both outputs in the tutorial?
  2. Linux kernel source for pcDuino8 Uno has been open source on github, please check the following website: https://github.com/pcduino/pcduino8-uno-kernel you can use git command to download it like: git clone https://github.com/pcduino/pcduino8-uno-kernel.git If you have question, please send to qi.yao@linksprite.com Thanks for your supporting.
  3. Hi there, Am trying to build a rover on pcduino v2 with green wifi , but i can not pass this step root@ubuntu:~# iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -MASQUERADE i get an error, error: iptables v1.4.12 can't initialize iptables table nat' :No chain/target/match by that name perhaps iptables or your kernek needs to be upgraded Please help. Thanks in advance
  4. LS-Support-12

    How to test serial ports?

    I am trying to understand how serial communication works on pcDuino. I am following this tutorial. As I understood it, pcDuino has two accessible serial ports by default. These are 0(rx) and 1(tx). We can access them via /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1, respectively. This code is written in the tutorial: import serial myPort = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyS1', 115200, timeout = 10) myPort.write("Hello, world!") x = myPort.read() print "You entered " + x myPort.close() So, the python script above should read the input from serial port 1 and then output it to the screen. Now, my question is how can I test it? What input I can give to these ports? Can I use other pcDuino and send some signal to these ports via gpio port from other pcDuino? Is that safe or these two ports are intended to be used somehow else?
  5. I am trying to burn the Lubuntu 14 NAND image using Ubuntu with dd method. I manage to burn it successfully. After I install it (led is blinking some time and stops), it does not want to boot. Did anyone managed to install Lubuntu 14 using dd method? I am entering these commands in terminal: sudo dd if=imagelocation of=microSDlocation bs=1M My microSD card is Transcend 16GB. I manage to install Ubuntu 12 using dd and Lubuntu 14 using Windows, so the memory card looks fine.
  6. Hello, I am new to RFID. I want to use the Cottonwood with the Raspberry Pi. I have found posts where people have got it to work and have found posts where they cannot. So I wonder if my assumptions are correct: 1) The UART version is best for the RPI 2) I connect the TX to RX and RX to TX and use the 3.3V for power I then should be able to read data using the RPI? Has anyone here successfully used a PI with the Cottonwood and could give me some pointers before I purchase one? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. In order to mount some specific device on particular location every time, firstly determine the uuid of the device, which is unique for it. You can do it by typing in terminal: ls -al /dev/disk/by-uuid/ After executing this, you will probably see multiple uuids for different devices. Experiment with your device (USB, microSD) by ejecting it, executing the command again, and then again plugging it in pcDuino, until you determine its specific uuid. After you know it, execute the following to mount it: sudo mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/YOURUUID /YOUR/SPECIFIC/LOCATION Note: Replace YOURUUID with uuid of your device and /YOUR/SPECIFIC/LOCATION with full path of the directory you want to mount this particular device to. If the upper commands work and you manage to mount your device this way, then you can simply add it to the startup commands. After that, it should be mounted on the location you specified on every boot (as long as it is inside and you do not format it, since the format could change the uuid).
  8. When we are burning operating system or kernel images using Linux we can use dd command. What does bb stand for in that command?
  9. I've been thinking about NAND and SD storage. The system partition usually has a generous amount of free space, even after development libraries are installed. The main reason for needing extra space is often that the user files (especially multimedia) can get huge. So, how difficult would it be to boot from NAND and retain the system directories there, but mount the /home directory on an SD? What changes would be necessary? How could you make it permanent? I'd really like to try this option. It also has the advantage of increasing the total available space by approximately 2.5 G. Ideas? Thanks
  10. FIRST 2973

    update and upgrade issues

    I updated, upgraded and turned on wifi on my PCDuino3. Now the PCDuino3 does not finish booting up on my screen. I get the following error: ply_terminal_set_mode 630 assertion terminal and my screen goes blank. I am able to ssh into the PCDuino3 using a wired Ethernet. Do you have any suggestions? I have another PCDuino3 an it works fine but I did not installed the update/upgrade. I tried to re-image the kernel but all attempts failed using PheonixSuite. I read that I might need a special microSD card. Has anyone installed an update and upgrade on the PCDuino3?