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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! I have purchased the CuHead Pro Wifi/Ethernet Shield with DNLA/AirPlay and attached it to my Arduino Uno. I have the tcp/uart serial console up and working as per the instructions you have posted. I am wondering if it is possible to send UART commands to the shield to change tracks, or to play or pause the audio over airplay?
  2. Hello everyone, I recently acquired the Cottonwood TTL UART Long Range UHF RFID reader (ISO18000-6C EPC G2) thinking of integrating it with an Arduino. However, after some experiments and playing around with different code I found that the results produced by integrating the reader witn an Arduino board are not satisfactory (range and multitag reading). With that in mind, I am now thinking of using a simple microcontroller to integrate with the reader. Because I have the UART version of the reader, will a microcontroller with an UART interface be enough? My idea is to send the commands to the RFID board through the UART, thus having the microcontroller replacing the Arduino. However, I would also like to know if it would be easier to comunicate directly with the AS3992 UHF reader IC included in the Cottonwood board, via an SPI interface. Thanks in advance, Margarida
  3. I am considering purchasing the Cottonwood: Long Range UHF RFID reader UART (ISO18000-6C EPC G2) Reader for a inventory managment project where each item in the inventory would contain a UHF RFID label. The protocol the reader uses is stated as "ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2), compatible ISO18000-6A/B". Does this mean that the reader would be compatible with ISO 18000-6C tags or ONLY compatible with ISO18000-6A/B tags? This part is unclear to me. More specifically, would it be compatible with the following labels that use the ISO 18000-6C protocol? http://www.atlasrfidstore.com/rfid-label-4x2-for-the-zebra-zd500r-rfid-printer/ http://www.systemid.com/10018354/
  4. scott.nightingale

    repurposing ttyS0 as general UART

    so is it possible to use the serial debug port for general serial communication? After opening ttyS0 I get about a second of data then it looks like the debug console kicks in and data transmission stops. Can the debug console be disabled on ttyS0? Otherwise I'll have to look at enabling ttyS2. Just trying to avoid the extra configuration! Thanks guys
  5. Ali.Challenger

    UART PYTHON issue

    Good afternoon, I tried to work with UART (GPIO0,GPIO1), and build a simple code via python as shown bellow: import serial ## Load the serial library ## Select and configure the port myPort = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyS1', 115200) while (1): myPort.write('a') x= myPort.read() print "recieved from adk" + x myPort.write(x) ## Close the port so other applications can use it. myPort.close() But, unfortunately I got nothing. Suddenly when I uploaded an arduino serial sketch and after that the python code works fine!! And then when I reboot the pcDuino, the python code doesn't work again until I upload the serial arduino sketch. Am not sure what is the wrong in the code?, your help please best regards.
  6. bananapi

    Enable UART pins in Pcduino 3

    Hi all, I need to enable serial ports on pcduino3 ubuntu 12.04. Currently one port is free and another port is used for debuging purposes. Could anyone guide me on this. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi! I got a problem that I have a hard time figuring out what is causing it. I am using UART2 (pin 0 and 1) to communicate with a Arduino thrue adafruits logic level converter. In my Python script I am first activating the pins for serial writing a 3 to the files gpio0 and gpio1 in '/sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio/mode/'. I am using pyserial so I am starting the serial with: ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyS1', 115200) When it is working, it is working very well. The problem I have is with reboots, if I reboot the PCDuino, after the reboot, initializing the serial will cause me to loose connection on Putty and WinSCP, then another restart and the same result when initializing the serial, 3-4 reboots and it's working again. Like I said I am having a hard time understanding the logic in it, the first reboot would be exactly the same as the third wouldn't it? I can't really see what would be different. How can I find out why it hangs when initializing the serial?