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Reader died?

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Hi, as I have already told at this forum, I have purchased an UHF Long Range Reader from Linksprite. Mine has only serial port (model 702).


Since i received it, I used it a few times - about 20 minutes each time.


Today I used if for about 30 minutes and it stopped reading tags!


I disconnected it and connected it again, and the problem persists.


It is worth noting, that it still communicates with the PC. It can receive commands, set parameters, and it replies OK to commands.


However, it never reads tags anymore - no matter if the tag is right in front of the reader.


Any ideais?






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Hi, remember that my reader is the long range integrated reader. The circuit board is inside the reader antenna.


I tried to do what you suggested, however the board inside my reader is different than the one on the link you sent.


Here is a photo of my board:






Is there any chance to repair it?

thank you very much


best regards and thanks


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