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Guest Steveb

Arduino UNO R3 + CuHead wifi shield v2 fail to connect Wifi (RED Led not on)

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Guest Steveb



I purchased a Arduino UNO R3 and a CuHead wifi shield v2 lately. I tried to load the exmaples "SimpleServer" of WiShield Library.
I have done the modification needed to those C++ files such that the examples is complied successfully. However the RED led didnt turn on after a long wait. I swear all the SSID, IP, GATEWAY, ENCRYPTION TYPE all matched the WIFI router i am using.

Any help would be very appreciated!!!

I am using the following components:

Arduino UNO R3
CuHead Wifi shield v2 - http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=CuHead_WiFi_Shield_for_Arduino_V2.0
WiShield Library - https://github.com/linksprite/WiShield
Ardiuno IDE 1.0.5

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