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Motor shield problems

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I recently bought your device:




I have downloaded the relevant sketch and followed the instructions. I can see the LEDs on the shield lighting up as they should according to the sketch but there is no power going to the motor. Additionally, when I use a jumper between the power supply jumper pins, the logic LED lights up but there is no power to a connected arduino. If I connect 5V out from the shield to the arduino directly, but not via the header pins under the motor shield, then I get 5V and the arduino runs. It does not run if the arduino is connected underneath and 5V does not go to the appropriate pin of the shield that would drive Vin on the arduino.


I suspect that the device is not working properly as there is no voltage coming out of either M1+ M1- or M2+ or M2- but the test sketch is working. The LEDs respond correctly suggeting I have the correct pattern of voltages supplied to the correct pins. I have tried increasing the voltage to around 12V (VS) but still nothing.


Could you tell me how I can test further whether this device is broken?

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Guest Guest

I'm facing the same issue. The led s light up as they're supposed to but no power goes to the motor. I checked that the external power source is working. Any ideas?

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