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Arduino UNO, Linksprite Motor Shield + Linksprite LCD

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Hi all


New to the forum and new to Arduino and programming (and electronics I guess!) so apologies in advance. 


I'm currently trying to build a controller for my homemade timelapse slider (which is finished) and currently have the Linksprite Motor shield and 16x2 LCD. As the motor shield has a large heatsink, I am really struggling with mounting and connecting them physically. The LCD cannot fit on top of the motor shield and this is powering a DC Geared motor. the Uno and motor are nicely sat in a clear case and I eventually want to have the LCD either on top (no chance) or seperately accessible with button use to try and write several "presets" for the motor which I can change and view using the LCD & buttons. 


Can someone please help with suggestions? 




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Thank you for the reply. How would I go about fitting them etc though? The LCD just won't work even wired to a breadboard. I'm assuming I may need to adjust the code?

Yes, you can refer to these two shields' Arduino code, it may be conflict by just stack together:




Motor shield used 8,9,10,11,12,13

LCD shield used 8,13,9,4,5,6,7

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