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Guest Martin Burke

External Control of LED's

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Guest Martin Burke

Hi I have a 16x2 LCD Shield and an uno working as a clock have it so that when you press SELECT it toggles backlight on/off. Now what I want to do is have it when you press one of the other buttons it then outputs a on a separate port which (at the moment) would trigger an LED On/Off.


Now my problem is which of the ports are NOT connected to the LCD/Shield board but directly connect to the Arduino


I think that I can use 13,12,11 (10 is LCD Backlight) and 3 on the "Digital Side" but not sure and don't want to start writing to these if they are going to bugger up the shield.


Can any one confirm that these pins are OK to use.


Also I was thinking of using 433mhz Transmitter on the shield and not even sure how to go about interfacing this on the shield (if you in fact can) I think I'd have to use an analog port  I'm already using 4&5 for the clock , reason for the transmitter is based on the output state on the LEDs that I want to connect.


Now I may at the moment only need to use 2 LED's as I only have 2 different 433mhz projects : -


(1) Lights for living room - 5 lamps

(2) External xmas Lights & Christmas tree


All need is when a button is pressed it turns one on/off depending on the led state for that channel - I can do the code just need to know if the shield can accommodate this or not.


Mind you was thinking of putting a sensor on it to turn back light on/off depending on how dark it was and time of day ( may have to settle on time of day if can not use a sensor AND all the above.


Any thoughts / help much appreciated



Thanks in advance for any help

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Guest Martin Burke

I have done that - Not an electronics expert so is slightly confusing as that looks like D10 is not connected to anything until you look at the line coming from BL+ ( all this at 06:30) and I hook an LED upto D10 and lights up when I toggle the backlight .


Will have to test my thinking out and see if the D13,12,11,3 & 2 can be used as LED switches and that A3,2 & 1 can be used for my transmitter.


Thanks for the help

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