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pcDuino8 Allwinner A80 development board

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I hope you don't plan to release this board with 1GB Ram, no SATA, 4GB Flash? Why starve a board like this one? It has a A80 and the board has more than enough room to accommodate all the functions? I'm making a project myself, but I need more than 1GB of RAM more like 2GB at least, and 4GB of Flash is to small, I need 16GB min plus it would have been nice to know what version Bluetooth and wifi it has and I also need a SATA and or mSSD! Why is it so hard to find a board that has the following options that I've seen on various boards here, like 2-3GB of Ram, 16-32GB Storage, SATA Port, Either a RK3288 or this A80 and a Quad-Core Mali-T764 or the PowerVR Series6XT GPU, iR Blaster, WiFi with AC, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0. Do you plan to have robust features on this board?

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