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pcDuino A80 beta

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Which WLAN Chip get used?--    the AP6330 module  including WiFi and Bluetooth


The CPU, can you inform me about the speed / frequency?

     -- CPU:cortex A15*4+cortex A7*4,

     -- SPEED:actual measurement:1.6GHz(A15)+1.2GHz (A7) ,no official data;

     -- Maximun power consumption:10W (CPU:A15-5.9W+A7-1.2W; GPU-2.5W),so adapter power should be 15w or more;


I found informations between 1 Ghz and 2.5Ghz.


Temperaturrange is 0- 80°C?

---when cpu is high load,the core temperature is about 76°C

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