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Putting 8GB of RAM on PCd8 WiFi 802.11ac

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I see that the A80 will support 8GB of DDR RAM.  A project I am involved with wants the A80 with 8GB of RAM.

How hard would it be to hack 8GB of RAM onto the board ?
What if we paid to have 8GB of RAM added ?  Is there a suitable chip(s) or SIMM that would work ?

We plan to create a high performance mesh network that will use 802.11ac wave2 technology.  Would the A80 HSIC or the USB3.0 be suitable if we can find a vendor who will share their 11ac chipset data ?

Gus in Denver

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Yeah, i want it !

i'm looking for a similar board with A80 4 (or more) GB of ram, 1 usb3 to wifi 802.11ac ( BCM4354XKUBG or similar ) and a usb3 to sata3 chip ( NS1066 or similar ).

The project behind is to provide a full distributed and high available file system ( based on CEPH ) for home or small office. You start with 3 "modules" (one module is one board + one harddrive or ssd), and you can add capacity with adding new board in the network.

Please make this board true ! smiley.gif

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