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Building PCDuino Android System

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i've downloaded necessary Sources (http://www.pcduino.com/?p=686) and startet compiling Android.
I've done little changes in ~/kernel/Makefile and it was running for 2-3 hours... without errors...
but, as ever  grin.gif best is coming at the end, or near by  rolleyes.gif

build/core/product_config.mk:189: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/*/pcduino/cm.mk]]: "device/*/pcduino/cm.mk" does not exist.  Schluss.
make: *** [android-build] Fehler 2

there is no pcduino/cm.mk availible on my VM/Ubuntu10.4 machine...

any idea?

best, michael


/home/myname/kernel/android/device/allwinner/pcduino is missing
/home/myname/kernel/android/vendor/allwinner/pcduino is missing

where to get from?

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on that long journey to build android, i've found out, that one important thing is missing:

https://raw.github.com/CyanogenMod/hudson/master/cm-build-targets  is no cm_pcduino availible

In time i've build CyanogenMod ZATAB without any problems.

Isn't there a crack from PCDuino Project to light me up on how to make it possible to compile Android Kernel and Boardfiles?

You've done it before, so please give me a hint  wink.gif

regards, michael

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