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No 1080, no Android, looking at black screen!

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I have a Mac, I want to install android on pcDuino. What do I do? Buy a PC?huh.gif I really don't want to..

I am very frustrated, Ubuntu doesn't work properly, no 1080 video on my TV, I DID CHANGE xorg.conf and I am not a novice user.

Tried installing Android as instructions provided, no luck. LiveSuit is a piece of crap as a software, why is that even used to control such a delicate hardware??

"No device that need to update !" What is that? is that even a warning message or error? angry.gif

Please provide, CLEAR and English instructions on how to update the software on the device or don't release a product which does not work out of the box.

P.S: Monkeys ate all the apples.. angry and frustrated.. please help!

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