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build android 2.3.3 for pcduino

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I'm trying to build an android 2.3.3 for my pcduino, I need the version to be 2.3.3 for some special reason, I follow these tutorials:


Both of them are written for specified target device, which have specified package and tools. I don't know which one to pick when
Lunch menu... pick a combo:
     1. generic-eng
     2. simulator
     3. .....
, so I picked generic-eng

Here's what I did so far, I have a vmware runs xubuntu 12.04, and I've successfully built an android 2.3.3, I got three .img files in out/target/product/generic:
ramdisk.img  system.img  userdata.img
I tried the android emulator with these three images, they works. Now what should I do to make a .img for pcduino?  The tutorials are using mkfs.sh, or pack-cm.sh, or mkimg, but they are not available for my generic-eng build.

Am I doing correct so far?



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