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dell s2240t on pcduino android

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i installed android image 09112013 to nand. i connected my dell s2240t

hdmi+usb and kicked #lsusb - to read the correct id for my touchscreen. i
add /system/usr/ids/Vendor_2149_Product_2122.idc (display.type....,
internal...) and #chmod like all the other vendors.
without using this .idc the ui reacts to 5 fingers plus 1 which here is a
switch actor ,

with the .idc i need to use 5 fingers simultaneus as my primary btn_touch
(which should be one finger).

therefor no panning/pinching is possible and typing on the virtual kbd needs
higher eye-finger skills smiley.gif
i hope to explain my details fair enough and iam glad you responded!
system: pcduino a10, dell s2240t, sshdroid

ps. resulotion 1280x720 is ok, 1920x1080 outputs multiple (6) cloned
pictured and like 2bit but priority layed on goaling the touch input.
i want to implement this system into primary schools for education purposes

have a nice day. ki

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someone had the same problem. so please try this .

After compiling and installing, I still had the issue of the screen not responding to touch until I added support for the device from user space. This is the last bit on the linked page. After this, it works like a champ.

How to add support for your device from user space.

The current release of hid-multitouch found on our site allows you to add any multitouch capable hardware from the user space. If your device seems to be recognized by the system (but either in single touch only or by doing strange stuffs) and after installing hid-multitouch it is not seen at all, that means that you can manually add it to our driver.


sudo cp /lib/udev/rules.d/41-hid-multitouch.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
sudo gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/41-hid-multitouch.rules
replace in the first line:
ATTRS{idVendor}=="04b4" by ATTRS{idVendor}=="YOUR_VENDOR_ID"
and ATTRS{idProduct}=="c001" by ATTRS{idProduct}=="YOUR_PRODUCT_ID"
You can find YOUR_VENDOR_ID and YOUR_PRODUCT_ID by looking at the output of lsusb.
sudo service udev reload
Unplug/replug your device (or reboot if you can not do this).
That's all folks.
You can always send us a mail to get your device supported in the next kernel release. 

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