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android on pcduino v2

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  I purchased your pcduino v2.  I have followed phoenixcard 3.06/3.09 way of installing

android image (*.img) files onto the board.  I have tried them all.  None work.  They say
that the other methods for installing android don't work either.  Does this system only work
with traditional Linux variants?  Is there a flaw in your board? The preload OS worked on
startup.   Please can you work with me.  Suggest something?   Can you recommend other
builds from another of the same chip?

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Sorry, maybe I was not clear... What I meant was that I know where to get the image from, but I cant seem to figure how exactly to create the image and load into the SD card. Perhaps precise step by step instructions would help?

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I tried to use the SD-Boot Android Image rather than the NAND installed option it didn't work with me.
However I was able to download the NAND image from here:
(note the color of your wifi module in order to get things properly working)

I had best luck with the win32DiskImager (PhonenixCard would complain about a script missing from the .img file)
Win32DiskImage writes the image to the SD card.

Power off the pcDuino, plug in the micro_SD and turn it back on.
The SD should be read and you should not see anything and have to wait for 4 min. (i did 5 min just to be safe)
then power off and back on. You should see Android animation start. (be patient first time booting takes a little more)


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