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Suggestion for new PCduino3S barebone project

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Hi guys,

just had an idea and wanted to run it past you. 
How about a version of the PCDuino V3 with all connectors facing the back of it? Actually, I a V2 version with the same layout would be nice, too.
That would make it a device ready to be installed inside a enclosure.

In addition, to make it even more "production friendly", there could be an enclosure, with the following characteristics:
1. High enough to fit a shield on top of the main board. That is probably twice the height of the V3S enclosure.
2. Removable  back panel, in such a so anyone with a CNC or 3D printer can customise it to suit the inputs and outputs of the custom shield.
3. No brand in the exterior of the enclosure, so the make can put its own product's name.

Personally, I think a board with such characteristics would put the PCDuino in a new category of hackable devices. This would make it not only a great and affordable prototyping platform, but also a great platform for production-ready devices, in small to medium quantities.


Franklin Dattein

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"An image is worth a thousand words".

I have attached a sketch. 

Also, I was aware of the 3core and I think it is very neat. However, it still requires good electronic engineering skills to build a custom harness for it. It is perfect for mass production. 

The idea I am suggesting is ideal for those people who built an Arduino style shield for the PCduino and want to take it to the market as a polished product, in small/medium quantities. 
Such a designed would allow the person to focus entirely in the shield design. 
Obviously, it won't be as cost effective as mass producing based on the PCDuino 3 Core, but is affordable enough.

If you ignore the enclosure and simply place all connectors in one edge of the PCB, that will make it possible to add to a wide range if enclosures, with very little effort.

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