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Kernel PCDuisno 3S

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Is that the kernel of PCDuino3 is the same as that of PCDuino3S?

I updated my PCDuino 3S with the last kernel of PCDuino3 and USB OTG does not work, it does not detect USB key! Is this normal?

Thank you!

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I only used USB OTG to have networking over USB.

To plug a USB key (slave) that you can browse from pcDuino (acting as master), you need to use a normal USB port. USB OTG is used on Android phones a lot, since the phone is meant to be a slave when you connect it to the PC - thus if you want to use a USB Stick, you need USB OTG cable so that phone knows to act as a master. However, pcDuino3 is a master by default.
I've used USB OTG plug so I can have it acting like a slave and be able to do networking where the PC was the master.

So I believe it is normal what you experience ...

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