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building custom kernel for pcDuino lite wifi

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The kernels from the pcduino site for pcduino lite wifi works just fine.
But, due to my needs to enable cpufreq, I tried to:
- extract the original .config file by first running the officlal linux kernel for pcduino lite wifi, then unzipping /proc/config.gz.
- cross-compile on x86-32 ubuntu following http://www.pcduino.com/how-to-build-kernel-for-pcduino/.

I tried this several times with and without my custom config, but it just freezes during loading kernel.
I did not manage to create any kernel that works, I get the feeling I am missing something, although I am (should) using the same .config as the official downloadable kernel.
Perhaps it has to do with the limited 256MB memory?
Has anybody hints?

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Actually underclock, I want to be able to dynamically alter the clockspeed to save power/current, as the system should work autonomously with solar panel system, I use the solar charger v2 that can give max 700mA.
Under normal circumstances I want to underclock because I'm only maintaining the wifi connection and not much interesting, but once in a time I need to process webcam data and then should be nice to have it back at 1 GHz.
Something like the onderdemand or userspace governor.
But my question is actually about how to compile a kernel for pcduino lite wifi,
The official downoad page has different kernels for the different boards, so I get the feeling that the complete procedure might be different than for pcduino 2 or 3.

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Dear people,

Problem solved!!!
I managed to create a working kernel by using the 4.6.3(4?) toolchain, as suggested by kang.yang!
Thank you, kang yang!

The 4.6.3 can be found for instance in the old ubuntu 12.4 distribution (¨precise¨).

I really think this requirement should be in the manual!


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