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pcDuino Lite not booting

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I've got a pcDuino Lite that I have been unable to get to boot. I recently hooked up to it's serial debug port and this is what I get when I try to boot:

U-Boot SPL 2012.10-04280-g1a8ac55-dirty (Sep 29 2013 - 17:38:21)

DRAM: ? ? 0MB

### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

How do I RESET the board? The RESET button isn't making it happy.

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Does seem like it needs a recall, I have tried the ubuntu image, the android image, a 2gb uSD card as well as a 16gb one. Two different readers, used the SDCard formatter that the Raspberry Pi people recommend to blank the cards before imaging. Imaged it on an OSX machine and a Linux machine, two different USB adapters as well as a laptop's built in SD slot. Nothing is making this thing happy.
I bought this unit back in February on eBay, I'm just now getting into a project where I have a use for it. I've got a USB SDR (software defined radio) that this thing would work nicely for.

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