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Need assistance in getting powerline communication

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am working on school project that requires power line communication module. 

We have purchased the following module: 


We followed the setup as shown in the documentation, however we are unable to get serial communication across a power line.  

We are using Arduino to generate serial RS232 signals which we transmit into the PLC modules. Again, we are unable to capture the signal on the other PLC module on the same power line.  

Attached you can see the setup we have. Similar to what the documentation had. 


Please see if you can help us to get this to work. 

Let us know if you need any more information. 



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Yes we did - we removed the Atmega chip as suggested in the link. 

It still doesn't work. We are working in USA - 110 Volts.  


Did the wire connections is right? RX,TX,GND


Was the baud rate setting 19200?

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