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LinkSprite PLC SimpleMAC

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I purchased 3 of your PLC boards and connected them as shown in the demo. The units do not communicate. When I send a character to the module I sometimes get a bunch of 00 values sent back. I have tested every baud rate, 19200 is supposed to be the default. I read in your forums that many people seem to have this same issue, but there is never any answers posted on the forums. Do these modules not work on 110VAC in the US?

The modules are both connected into a wall outlet. I have tested swapping the tx/rx lines just in case that was the problem. I tested the serial converted on the computer by removing the RX/TX lines going to the PLC board and connecting together to form loopback. that showed that data is getting to the module. The 5V output does show 5V on meter when connected.

If these boards do not work, please let me know and refund me what I paid for them.


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