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LinkSprite Arduino 16x2 LCD

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I'm having an issue with my Arduino LCD. When I run the example button test code from here:


The code that displays ADC and the button being pushed results in RIGHT being constantly displayed when powered on. I tried the complex code and the only button it seems to recognise is the RIGHT button.

I have tried power both by USB and a 12V 700ma wall plug connected to the 2.1 connector. The Arduino is also powering a laser range finder from the 5V pin, but removing this does not improve the issue. 

Is this a power issue or do I have a faulty shield?

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I forgot to mention how my Arduino is stacked.

I am currently running Arduino Uno R3>Motor Shield R3>LCD

The VIN is broken on the Motor shield so it has it's own independent power supply and should not be using the Arduino mainboards power.

I have just rechecked and with the LCD plugged directly onto the Arduino and the rangefinder being powered from the 5V even on USB everything works correctly, so it looks like for some reason the LCD buttons are not sending commands properly through the Motor shield or something similar as only adding the motor shield causes this problem, any ideas why this might be? All the pins looks like they are connecting properly.

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