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Uno + Linksprite Motor Shield + Adafruit LCD = no power to the motor shield?

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I'm in the process of trying to build a controller for a camera slider which is pwered by an Uno + linksprite motor shield and a dc motor. I have the thing running fine but i am trying to add an LCD and several preset options to allow my more felxibility when out and about. The motor sketch works well when set up alone with just the shield and uno. When I link the lcd in and upload the unfinished but should work sketch, there are a fwe LED's not lighting up on the motor shield which should be, so i think i am not getting power to it properly. They are connected as follows:

Top to bottom:

Motor shield - protoshield - uno - LCD is connected detached via 5v, GND and SCL/SDA. 

The lcd works fine and the button presses register as they should. Now, the LED's on the motor shield (when correctly working) are lit up as follows: Green V_LOGIC LED, Red IN1 (Digital Pin cool.gif and green IN4 (Digital Pin 13) When this is all connected with the lcd and the below sketch is uploaded,. the LCD still works but the only LED on the motor shield that is lit up is the V_LOGIC. 

Can someone maybe give any ideas on resolving this? 

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