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PcDuino8 questions!!!

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I have OptimusBoard A80 from Merrii. It's the same as PcDuino8 inclooding layout. 

I've  flashed an ubuntu kernel from http://www.linksprite.com/?page_id=861 

  • Release [Kernel (use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard), Ubuntu] (date 2014-10-08)

And all is work.

But I have some questions:

1. Is the PowerVr core in A80 supported by this kernel release? If no, how make it work?

2. There is a PWM driver in /sys/class/sunxi_pwm   but it seems it does'nt work. 

3. At the booting step I've seen the memory allocated on ION (814MB). May I remoove this allocation from enveronment and and what it will involve?

4. When CPU temperature reach ~50 C, there are some troubles with KDE desktop managment. Either native operation and via VNC. I can not enter into folder, I can not start any programm. It seems like the mouse buttons stop working. But it appears even via VNC. 


May somebody answer me?


Thank you in advance.

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1. PowerVr core in A80 supported  on android system, we are still working to develop support ubuntu xorg PowerVr software.

2. About pwm, please refer to http://cnlearn.linksprite.com/?p=7755, https://github.com/Pillar1989/a80-modules/.

3. Remove ION, you can go to the u-boot environment, and modify the ION size.

4. pcDuino arches will not occur this problem.

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Sorry, I want describe the problem pointed above more detail...


There is no relation between  core temperature and wrong mouse buttons behavior.


Indeed the problems start when I start cooler. The cooler is Peltye’s effect element with fan. See pictures.


I cannot switch between opened windows by mouse click, I cannot enter into the folder and so on… It seems like mouse buttons don’t work at all.


In a 5 – 20 sec after cooler on, the problems  occur.  All running programs run as well, console work properly.


“ls –a” command from console shows me all connected  devices and folders.


Vnc viewer this time work just like native monitor – remote monitor mouse buttons don’t affects on folders and opened windows…



In other side, when I flush an android image (I’ve tried some different images), this problem is not appearing.



Would you have any suggestion ? 




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I've been having similar problems with heat with my PcDuino8.  Once it reaches 40C, it will return to the Home Screen & any attempt to return to the program will just kick me back.  I'm running Android on it now.  Ubuntu is out of the question, I can't do anything there.


The only way I've been able to use it is to put a fan on it that blows both across the top & bottom of the board. 


I've been communicating with the developer on the issue, but now they have gone unresponsive. 


It's a shame because it really is a great board. 


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