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In a regular linux distribution the kernel source used at the time it is delivered in a repo as a separate package. No need to send the customer to a github link.

Linksprite seems not to follow this procedure because you can't install a kernel source thru apt-get.


This leads to the problem that someone downloads the ZIP file you refered to in your message above but the ZIP contains a kernel version that doesn't correspond to the kernel installed. As a result someone can't simply (re)compile a kernel driver that loads into the running system.


See the kernel information you get on an installed Ubuntu sd image dated 11-10-2014 and compare the version info to the version contained in the ZIP file from github.


Linksprite should consider to include the corresponding kernel source package into a repository accessible thru apt-get.


While we are on github can you tell me how to extract the exact kernel version needed? Github is based on a versioning system so it must somehow be possible to retrieve a specific kernel release.

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