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compiling the kernel to include wireless card support

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i managed to setup a successful build system using vmware and ubuntu 12.04
some of the steps didnt work exactly as expected so i will update this soon with an explanation of exactly what i had to do to make it work
the key steps to success were 
1. if a build fails due to a segment fault of the toolchain do a make clean or subequent builds can have the same error
2. read about dependencies of the module you want to include in this case mac80211 is a dependency of ralink wireless drivers (and others)
3. make sure your cross compiler is setup correctly. use sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf to do this automatically on ubuntu 12.04
4.pay attention to details in my case the command to copy the .config file generated by make menuconfig had errors in the path that i didnt notice until i inspected the directory manually and noticed the missing defconfig. 

after enabling mac802.11 and ralink drivers i was able to sucessfully make and install the aircrack suite and can confirm that the rt2x00 rt73usb drivers included have monitor mode and injection working when enabled using airmon-ng

i will make a new vm and do all the steps over again and write a step by step to building the environment and editing the kernel options when i have time. as well if i can i will host the vmware image somewhere and post a link here so others can benefit from a vm that is configured and ready to build kernels (though i recommend setting up your own build environment as it really helps you to understand the build process)

in the meantime for those with a ralink card that is compatible with rt2x00 drivers here is a kernel with rt2x00 and mac80211 enabled (i installed it on the pcduino by itself using the directions i found in step 4 here http://www.pcduino.com/?p=957)

http://www1.datafilehost.com/d/02acfaaf (note unclick the checkbox that says "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads" before clicking download

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