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Help! Kernel Complication : make livesuit got Error.

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I am using ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64 as Host to compile the kernel,but got an error on the final stage: make livesuit,

here is the log:

scripts/mk_livesuit_img.sh -R /home/ubuntu/kernel/rootfs.img

Make sys configs: /home/ubuntu/kernel/allwinner-tools/livesuit/default/sys_config_linux.fex
argc = 2
input name /home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config.fex
Script 1 source file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config.fex
Script 1 bin file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config.bin
parser 1 file ok
Make boot0 boot1

update source file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config1.bin
boot0 file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/boot0.bin
boot1 file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/boot1.bin

update ok

update source file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config1.bin
boot0 file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/card_boot0.fex
boot1 file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/card_boot1.fex

update ok
Make bootfs: /home/ubuntu/kernel/allwinner-tools/livesuit/default/env_linux.cfg
Copying linux kernel and modules
mbr count = 4
mbr size  = 16777216
download map file = /home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/dlinfo.fex

partitation file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/sys_config.bin
mbr_name file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/mbr.fex
download_name file Path=/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/dlinfo.fex

MBR Create FAIL: Unable to find partition class name in partition partition0
update mbr file fail
disk : c






find magic !! 
CPlugin Free lib 
CPlugin Free lib 
`/home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/rootfs.fex' -> `/home/ubuntu/kernel/rootfs.img'
Modifying image.cfg: /home/ubuntu/kernel/allwinner-tools/livesuit/default/image_linux.cfg
Generating image
/home/ubuntu/kernel/allwinner-tools/dragon//home/ubuntu/kernelFile /home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/dlinfo.fex Not ExistBuildImg 360
Dragon execute /home/ubuntu/kernel/build/pcduino_livesuit/image.cfg Failed ! 360
CPlugin Free lib 
CPlugin Free lib 

here is the initial apt-get list for this machine:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential git u-boot-tools texinfo texlive ccache zlib1g-dev gawk
$ sudo apt-get install bison flex gettext uuid-dev ia32-libs

I will be grateful to get anyhelp from you, thanks 

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