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Communicating to database with a pcDuino and a Seed Studio NFC Shield

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I have built a web application that uses Spring MVC and postgresql. I would like to write a program for the pcDuino(using the Seed Studio NFC shield) that listens for a tap from a MifareClassic1K NFC card. When the card comes in contact with the NFC shield, I would like my program to communicate to my postgresql database. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing this? My postgresql database is being hosted on my local windows machine.

I have achieved something similar in the past, except I was using an Arduino Uno with an Arduino Ethernet shield and an Adafruit NFC shield. I wrote a C++ sketch that simply executes a php script when a Mifare card comes in contact with the Adafruit NFC shield. The reason I switched over to a pcDuino is because I would like to utilize its wifi capabilities.

Thanks everyone!

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