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Well, to install it - I was able to.

To use it, I had no luck. I'm trying to use pcDuino3 as a temperature logger using DS18B20 connected to one of the GPIO pins, and I was looking at owfs - however, it doesn't seem to be able to read from a GPIO pin - but is geared twards USB dongles that agregate the sensors.

Since I don't have a USB dongle and plan to use it Arduino like, I didn't investigate more ..

What is your requirement ?

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I'm sorry if I did not explain well.

To install was just a matter of sudo apt-get owfs - and then access the webpage of the webserver.
However, you can't make it (as far as I saw, but I might be wrong) to work with GPIO, it is made for USB to I2C adapters or something like this, it is the adapter job to report everything to owfs.

Thus, I could not get it to work with the serial or pcDuino ... since it can't read one pin only sad.gif

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I think you must also change the config of the gpio-pin in the fex file. Did you try whats mentioned here:

This is just a guess, didn't try it myself.


Cool, you built it yourself smiley.gif

Do you have an I2C converter available such as http://owfs.org/index.php?page=i2c-ds2482-800 ?

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