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gps shield for arduino

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I just bought a linksprite arduino gps shield with a GLOBALSAT EB-5365RE SIRF IV 28C02C1. From the gps manual I know that pins 21 an 22 are for RX and Tx respectively, and they seem to be connected to R1 and R5 of shield.I need to know if this is true and if the pins in front of R1 and R5 are the Rx an Tx pins, respectively. Also, I am coupling the shield to an arduino mega 2560 and Pins R1(Rx) and R5(Tx) get into P3 and P1(Tx0) of arduino respectively. ¿How should I fix this?, i mean Tx vs Tx.
I thank you in advance for the time you will spent answering these probably dumb question.

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What's the GLOBALSAT EB-5365RE SIRF IV 28C02C1 ???

No this product on the Google.




It use twisted pair line. That mean : You must use RX-TX and TX-RX.

TX-TX and RX- RX  are NOT working .

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