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Interrupt Timers - not always on time

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I am using the interrupt timers to fire a function every 20 mSecs.  see this page on how to create an interrupt timer


Problem:  If I am running the interrupt software on its own, the interrupt is dead nuts on.  However, if I fire up a Mono application congruent to the C++ timer interrupt program, the Interrupt timer starts to drift -- and very badly.  As you know, Mono is not a fully compiled machine code application, and being inefficient as it is, there may be some blocking calls going on in Mono (beyond my control).

Question, is the interrupt timer in the pcDuino just a "poor mans" interrupt package, or is it truly a hardware driven interrupt off of the real time clock?  And if unfortunately it is the former, then if I hook a real input into the hardware driven interrupt routines in C++, am I sill going to have the same problems?


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