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graphics on PCduino

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I am considering a PCduino to do engine monitoring (EGT+CHT on 6 cyls, RPM, oil pressure and temp, fuel level (2 tanks), carb temp).

I am looking for a language+package that will allow me to create a screen to display the data above in graphic and text format, somewhat similar to this:http://www.mglavionics.com/assets/images/XTreme_EMS_Big.JPG
I want anti-aliasing support, the language could be C++ or Python.

I know Qt is a possibility, but I think it is overkill, and the learning curve is very steep, so I'd rather find something else.
I have also looked at SFML and openFrameworks. "Digitalhack" has succeeded in compiling and running openFrameworks on PCduino, but this isn't exactly what I would call widely supported. If something breaks, there aren't a whole lot of people that would be able to help.


Thanks in advance


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Sounds like a gauge package for a diesel pickup. Dodge perhaps? 

How graphic do you want to get?

While I still can change my mind (no money spent on it yet), the engine is a Corvair conversion for airplane use. It is a 6 cyl gas engine, not diesel.

I don't understand the "how graphic" question...  My original post has a link to a display that shows similar information - that's what I'll be comparing my "product" with...

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