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openCV and Streaming Processed Images

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Hello everyone,
currently I am working on my target tracking robot. To be able to detect the targets I will probably using openCV. But i am not sure in which language should I write my image processing algoritm C++ or Phyton? Do you think the performance wont change much in either one.

And the big question in my mind is that, how can I stream the image sequence of the camera, just after I process it?

Thanks in advance,

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thanks for the link, it cleared my mind. 

About streaming, on the robot I will take the camera input and apply object detection on it, then I want to send this processed images to over Wifi to a computer or a smart phone etc. What do I need for that. Currently, I am able to broadcast the camera stream directly using mjpeg-streamer, however in my application it is important to show the processed video (marking detected objects on the each image etc.). I do not know if I can use mjpeg-streamer to create a video stream with using sequence of processed images.

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