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ADB hangs during specific commands (mainly push and install)

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Hi all,

I successfully installed Ubuntu 12.10 (32bit, vmware) and got Qt5 (compiled for android), QtCreator 3.2 installed, c_enviroment_android installed and build using script.
Qt editor now sees the different toolchains, android architecture...etc and I have it set to use Android 4.0 (14).
Got udev rules for my pcDuino v2, and adb devices returns ############      Device (# = bunch of numbers)

adb shell  (works)
adb root   (works)
adb remount (works)

adb push file.apk /system/app         (hangs and i must do adb kill-server before I can get any of the above commands to work again)
adb install file.apk                           (same comment above)

Does anyone know what is going on?

Note: I hav windows 7 with Qt5 (for android), Qt creator 3.2 and all relevant java sdk/ndk installed, and was able to use adb push and qt deploy.
So the device is working with adb, but it is under ubuntu that is problematic.

Thanks for your feedback


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