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linker kit has no adc

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I bought your "Raspberry Pi Model B Learning Kit".

It comes with the LinkerKit for Raspberry Pi.

I bought this primarily so that I could record temperature
and illumination (insolation) with the temp sensor and

But now I'm finding that you need an adc for that, and I'm
rather disappointed that this was not included with the kit.

Someone has posted a nasty comment about the "shield",
indicating that it doesn't really do what is advertised.

I'm not sure what to do now -- please advise.

If I don't hear from you, I will possibly by an MCP3008 and
try the instructions here:


...or wait until I finish reading an EE textbook.

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We don't sell  "Raspberry Pi Model B Learning Kit". Please send us the link to this kit.


The linker kit is nothing but a bunch of sensors, buttons, LEDs with standard 4 pin headers.  So there is no ADC involved. 


However, we do provide a shield for Raspberry Pi: http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Linker_kit_Base_Shield_for_Raspberry_Pi_with_ADC_Interface


Regarding comments, different people with different skill level see thing differently. If needed, we can write additional material to cover how to use it.



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Guest Boz

Here is the link to the kit he probably got (from Amazon)




No, I can honestly say the Linker Kit ADC and the modules were not engineered in a very well thought out manner. Because you use 4 pin cables each connector takes up two ADC channels.


So in fact you can only use two of the modules at the same time should you need lets say ADC0 and ADC1 from the ADC board, since both are on the same cable. The Vref for the board is set at +5.0vdc

Not good since the Pi GPIO is _3.3vdc logic only. Dropping the resistance down with an onboard resistor increases the power draw of the circuit. There are 7 or 8 slots on the

board but only two can be operated at the same time, not 4 if your are using the ADC inputs. Your English and communicating skills also are very poor from the times I have

tried to communicate with you.


Also some of the modules are just built crappily, the slider module failed within a week of using it.


I also have pointed out numerous issues with your C and Python code for your modules and still they have not been fixed.

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Guest Boz

Also need to mention that the standoff that comes with the raspberry pi baseshield provided by you is to tall and thus the pcb is skewed when you installed the standoff to support the adc board.


I am not sure how A: You can be that lazy to not source the correct dimensions for the standoff and or B: You are that cheap that you cannot source that correct dimensional part.


It makes the products we build with your product look like crap honestly so we just buy our own.

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