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how to make wifi settings persitent on pcduinov2 running android?

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hie all
i have just install yesterday the las android image in flash on my pcduinov2 board (old release  shipped with 2go flash)
image and android seems to work fine. i have no additionnal sd card on board (only soldered flash)

1) does the copper network port run it? (i am actually using wifi adapter)
2) i have entered all my wifi network security key on it, it works but as soon as i shut down the board (thank to the shutdown  app or simply by removing supply) the "wifi on " settings is not saved that mean that i have to reactivate wifi after each reboot (ifi is not activated by default after reboot) . The things suprising is that the wifi security key is properly saved somewhere because it connects immediatly after re activating wifi

so is there a way to activate wifi by default after reboot? 

thanks in advance

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Can you please try the following steps to fix this issue:
1. open terminal apk,  run these commands:
$ su
# busybox mount / -o rw,remount

2. edit /init.su4i.rc
# busybox vi /init.sun4i.rc

change the lines:
       insmod /system/vendor/modules/8192cu.ko
       insmod /system/vendor/modules/rt5370sta.ko
     # insmod /system/vendor/modules/8192cu.ko
     # insmod /system/vendor/modules/rt5370sta.ko

3. save /init.su4i.rc and restart

# sync && reboot

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hie and thanks for the command. it woks now i have a persistent wifi activation at startup

just for information what was the purpose of commenting previous conf line above?

well concerning the wired network it doesn t seem to work (or i dont knwo how to check it works without wifi activated)

what can i do to activate wired network? do i need ti desactivat wifi to force connection with wired ethernet?

i have tried an "ifconfig" command in the terminal (with or without su provilege) and it doesn t show anything

if you have additionnal idea about it you are welcomed
thanks again

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