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Prebuilt distribution Images for PcDuino with iptables support kernel

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hi there
here you find images for many linux distributions, actually theyre just a minimal install...i will follow with different releases for different use, as example lamp server, desktop and more  wink.gif
the best reason to install these, is that i enabled iptables out of the box and uncomplicated firewall (ufw) is installed, which is not (yet) done by the stock images here on pcduino.com.

those images can be installed with dd under linux/mac or win32diskimager from windows

root password is mostly empty, except root password for arch image is root itself


for installing it to sdcard you need at least 2gb because they images were made to fit on these cards...to expand it to the realsize of your sd card you can use any partition manager gui as gparted.

enjoy and pls let me know if there is an issue, question or something like that


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I am fairly new to the linux scene but are these images safe? I am sure it would be pretty easy to include some sort of tool to remotely access the duino once its installed?

I really appreciate the time you have taken to build them (they are exactly what I need) but I am just being cautious smiley.gif



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hi there, 

i appreciate this post because i have been looking for a way to work out the iptables module upgrade problem,


my question is that do i use these image to create a bootable SD card? if yes, how do i create that bootable sd card from windows??


If not, are they mean't to be flashed straight into the pcduino, if so, where is the kernel and the update.sh files??


Thanks in advance

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