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qt5 on acadia ?

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Like the other card who use imx6 soc (wandboard, sabre, udoo ...), do you plan to make a tutorial to build qt5 on it ? Perhaps with yocto project ? You said on this post http://www.pcduino.com/pcduino-acadia-1-freescale-mx6-quad-development-board-arduino-headers/

What we can use the same os that wandboard ? It's exact ?

I ask this question because i have a professionel project with embeded linux and for the moment i can make this with my udoo card and i hesitate with wandboard or pcduino !

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yes sure, but in my udoo i have some problem to compile qt5 about the support of opengl es2, wailand ... what is the gpu that you use on acadia (vivante ?) and before to choose another card i would to be sure that teh team who design the card can help me tp build Qt5 ... :)

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