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Blue Haze Screen and DVI Patch

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I am newbie PCDUino 3 owner which I purchased for use as an XBMC/Kodi media center and this all works fine apart from having an annoying blue haze during video playback.

I have seen and read the DVI patch instructions and have tried to install the patch without success.  I have tried the patch from both an SD micro card and also a USB and in both cases I get a message "no such directory found" when trying to run the update_for_dvi script.  I have tried running the terminal window from with/without root user.

From a newbie perspective is there anything obvious I could be doing wrong since it is frustrating to see how good this single board is apart from the blue haze on video playback.

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you,


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Self response; 1x positive and 1x negative.

I have loaded the DVI patch by taking ownership of the usb pen drive in Lubuntu by unmounting it and then re-formatting in Linux and then adding back the files.  Everything went well upto the reboot point.

The negative is after the reboot I now have no screen visible at all but it is clear the HDMI has been recognised but it is blank.


Does this mean I now need to reload Lubuntu on the PCDuino?


Any help much appreciated.



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