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Jpeg TTL Serial Camera LS_Y201_TTL with Arduino

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Dear all,
I am using arduino Uno, arduino IDE 1.0.5 on linux.
A m trying to use the linksprite TTL serial camera http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=JPEG_Color_Camera_Serial_UART_Interface_%28TTL_level%29
Wiring is the following:
- camera RX to pin 3
- camera TX to pin 2
- camera ground to arduino ground

When I connect VCC pin to 5V (or 3.3 V ) of arduino,
the camera is not detected, and the program does not entrer mySerial.available().
any idea?

- I have also tried to add resistors, but no progress.

- finally I plugged off the VCC pin and it progresses. Camera is available but many of the bytes it returns are Zero and the problem is the picture is never over (do not read bytes that are 0xFF followed by 0xD9). and the "Init end"" message is never shown.
I share the code and the trace of my program here.

any idea please?
thank you in advance.



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