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External Antenna for Wifi Adapter

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I am looking to place an external antenna on my Wifi Adapter.  The Pcduino is in a steel box, and hence, is like a Faraday cage, and I would like to add an external antenna (for remote mount).  I saw on this BBS that supposedly the PCDuino has mounting holes to place a U. FL connector, however, I am not seeing it.  If I understand this connector correctly, it looks like this...




If I could place/solder a connector on the built in WiFi adapter, I think that would be great, and would let me add an external antenna.  If anyone has had any experience with this, or can shed some light on a parts list for me, that would be great.



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Well, it has been almost a year since someone has posted a message to this board -- (other than this thread).  Perhaps nobody really comes into the WiFi section?  Oh well,  one thing I did see that was kind of neat was this.... 



although not very rugged, it still might do the job -- however, there is that driver issue.  I have no idea if the PCDuino will detect this device and will it work?  


I wonder if someone has a list of "approved" WiFi dongles for the PCDuino -- and no, I cannot use that one WiFi dongle 11713 that is sold by SparkFun.  I am looking for something that is little more rugged that I can extend the antenna and have it sit on a table top -- like the link above.  Magnetic base would be awesome -- like the old Cell Phone antennas you use to put on your car.

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