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NFC shield

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Hi, I have purchased an NFC ShieldV1.0 made by yourselves. I have connected it to an Arduino UNO and have downloaded "PN532" example programs into my Arduino IDE library. When I run any of the sketches from this example library, I am getting the error message "Didn't find PN53x board"

Here is the section in the sketch that is generating this message and the issue seems to be around the nfc.getFirmwareVersion...

I am not a genius where it comes to microcontrollers; am learning but I am missing something. Can you help?

Also, does your shield work on an Intel Galileo Gen 1 board?

uint32_t versiondata = nfc.getFirmwareVersion();
if (! versiondata) {
Serial.print("Didn't find PN53x board");
while (1); // halt 

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