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PLC Mamba shield, skipping intermediate bytes

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I have 2 PLC mamba modules mounted on 2 Arduino UNO boards. Both the boards run interrupt driven example code provided by Linksprite https://github.com/linksprite/mamba


Now the usecase and problems I faced are as follows:


1. I am using a serial terminal software to send and receive data between the 2 PLC modules. Baud Rate:9600 - 8 data bits-No parity-1 stop bit


2. If I turn on the real time feed from keyboard, it works fine. Everything I type gets transmitted flawlessly to the end device.


3. However if I try to transmit a string at a go, it starts skipping bytes. If I give "abcde" as input, it is received as "abce", 'd' goes missing.


Please advise. Thanks for the help.



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